This booklet is a response to the “First Things First Manifesto” originally published in 1964 by a group of designers who were critical of the design world at the time. This manifesto has since been revised in 2000 and carries many of the same sentiments.

Introduction: Although the advertising industry is essential to the survival of graphic design, it is agreeably far from the ideal environment for graphic designers. Although not expressly stated in the manifesto, it is implied that this is one of the main reasons for the manifesto’s creation. The advertising industry does not provide an ideal creative environment to graphic designers because it is so driven by projects that have little significance to the designer themselves. It seems that the motivation for the manifesto comes from a desire to have more creative freedom in the
way of exploring a concept that
is personally significant to the designer. The idea of ethics in design is nothing new, however the current state of the economy and advertising industry is such that many designers take projects that they would not ordinarily, and let themselves fall away from their own opinions to they can pay their bills.